19 Mar

Using cannabis can bring you a number of health benefits. However, you can consume cannabis in many ways and there are two major forms – flowers and concentrates.

For some users, choosing between cannabis flowers and concentrates becomes difficult. The reality is that both have specific benefits.

The Major Differences between Cannabis Flower And Concentrates

Concentrates are known by several names, however, the abundance of cannabis flower strains are immense, and they are identifiable by name. Concentrates are more of an umbrella term and that includes a wide range of cannabis extracts. This can make newcomers’ rather baffled.

When You Go To A Cannabis Dispensary

You get products in jars and bottles with labels like dabs, wax, crumble, shatter, hash, tinctures, etc. These are basically the same thing in a slightly different composition.

What varies is the type of solvent used and the consistency of the final product. Most concentrates are extracted with water, alcohol, CO2, hydrocarbons, and heat. For beginners, solventless extracts are the best.

Concentrates Are Way More Potent Than Flower

The cannabis concentrates are way more potent than the flowers. The bud potency varies between 10%-25% (THC) but concentrate has a potency of as much as 80%. This can be scary for amateur users. In any case, CBD-rich concentrate is a prudent choice. Hash and tinctures also have reduced THC levels compared to the other types of concentrates.

Concentrates Can Be Used In Several Ways

With cannabis buds, you are limited to smoking and vaporizing – mostly. However, concentrates can be used in many more ways and that is why it is preferred by seasoned users.

Dabbing is one such method and another is ingestible oils. When you have a respiratory condition or lung disease, but using cannabis is on the agenda – edibles are what you need. Tinctures that can be dubbed as sublingual concentrate are also good, but their potency is on the lower side.

Plant Matter Is Discarded When You Use Concentrates

One major advantage of using cannabis concentrates is that you get rid of plant matter. Owing to the very process of extraction, plant material is discarded. You get the key compounds like THC and CBD in varying amounts when you use concentrates.

However, not every company selling concentrates uses the same extraction method, and some may not stick to industry standards. In an unregulated sector, the products may often contain contaminants and toxins. When you smoke cannabis flower, the plant material can’t be discarded easily. This, in the long run, can affect your lungs adversely, say experts. If you are health conscious and also want to avail of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, opt for vaporizers. They produce the right amount of heat below the combustion point.

Flowers Typically Have More Flavor

If you are particular about the flavor of any cannabis strain, flowers are what you should choose. As a matter of fact, some concentrates lose the aroma and flavor owing to the specific extraction procedure. Terpenes are what lend the cannabis plants their aroma and flavor; citrus, fruity, piney, chocolatey or berry, etc. These are quite sensitive to heat.

The Looks Are Very Different

Even if you are a first-time user/buyer, differentiating the cannabis flower from the concentrates is simple. The cannabis flowers resemble dried flowers. The concentrates are thick gooey and somewhat honey-like substances. This makes it easier to keep hidden.

Summing It All Up

Both the cannabis flowers and concentrates have their benefits and drawbacks. The flowers are better suited for recreational use while the cannabis concentrates are ideal for medicinal relief. They are more effective for pain relief, owing to enhanced potency. You can always ask a veteran budtender to find the apt flower or concentrate on your needs.

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