19 Mar

The world is under a pandemic umbrella, unleashed by COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus). The WHO has declared it a pandemic and governments of various countries are adopting stringent measures to curb the spread of the silent killer.

People are scared and lots of community events including weddings, reunions and anniversaries are getting postponed owing to the fear of being contaminated.

Incidentally, communities of various types are also altering their interactions and socializing habits to stay safe. This is applicable for cannabis users, especially those who like consuming cannabis in groups!

Understanding the Risk

There is no denying the fact that an infection risk remains in cannabis groups that involve joint sharing. In 2017, NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s microbiology professor, Philip Tierno, said that 4/5th of all contagious ailments get transmitted through indirect and direct contact. Sharing a marijuana joint is direct contact.

Combusting weed may not kill all the germs. The flame at the joint tip will kill the germs but not at the other end – which is wet…inside the mouth of the user.

How the COVID-19 Outbreak has Affected Experienced Cannabis Users

Since the Big Bang (jokingly), cannabis lovers have preferred to smoke pot in groups. With friends, classmates, maybe even with family members. However, the unexpected spread of coronavirus has forced a majority of cannabis consumers to alter their consumption habits.

Cannabis consumers are scared of getting infected when sharing joints or vape pens. Because of this, health-conscious potheads are actually rethinking cannabis etiquettes. The number of cannabis parties and smoke joint events have gone down everywhere.

Melissa Vitale, a Brooklyn based publicist, and avid cannabis user, is now carrying a dozen joints with her. She thinks it is better that you take 4-10hits before passing a joint to other users. In order to puff joints lit by others, she uses a gold joint-tip. This is somewhat like a small cigarette holder in which she inserts the joint and enjoys puffing. This is just one of the ways to evade getting infected.

Avid marijuana users are devising similar and newer ways to keep enjoying the substance while staying away from infection. Studies have shown that the average person touches their face 90 times per day. The coronavirus transmits through droplets, which get inside the body through rubbing of the eyes, touching of the nose and mouth. It can even survive on surfaces for 3 days.

Matthew Janz, Las Vegas’s Source Dispensary’s THC Marketing Director, is one consumer that avoids sharing joints. He has stopped the habit of sharing joints to stay safe. He is still smoking with friends but everyone is using their own joint. Users are also resorting to additional measures to keep their cannabis accessories free of germs. Some are using isopropyl rubbing alcohol and similar disinfecting agents to clean their bongs and bowls.

The sale of cannabis buds and products, however, has not declined much. People who are being forced to stay homebound will need cannabis. Then, there are those who use medical cannabis products yearlong. They cannot stop using these products owing to an epidemic – for sure.

To stay safe, some cannabis users are also buying single-use cannabis products. These include condiments, edibles, and tinctures.

Summing It Up

If you are a recreational or medical cannabis user, a change in your consumption habits can help you stay safe to an extent. Ordering weed online is suggested. However, the fact remains that cannabis itself cannot be sanitized. That is a fact making a portion of users worried.

Be safe and healthy out there and make sure to adhere to the common COVID-19 precautions at all times.

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