19 Mar

Making predictions for the cannabis industry in 2020 is not an easy task. However, according to some research and reviewing numerous amounts of studies, here are some possibilities which might be seen in the cannabis industry this year:

Mais le fournisseur de soins de santé en général.

Mais les 50 000$ ne se sont jamais matérialisés.

Maladie rénale chronique et dysfonction érectile.

  1. Terpene information will be available to customers. Research is also being done on the benefits and the harmful effects that might come from the use of terpenes.
  2. Cannabis strains with strong flavors are making a high impact on the market. In fact, fruity and dessert flavors have become a favorite with the customers as well. The demands of such strains will increase.
  3. It is being estimated that the prices of cannabis strains will come down. However, in some selected places, they might rise as well. In many parts, it will stay flat. However, in major places, prices will go down.
  4. It is expected that there will be a cooling-off period in CBD. It is expected that CBD will be a great wellness product with medicinal benefits, but it will not be a remedy to diseases. It will alleviate the symptoms to an extent.
  5. A comparison between smoking and vaping will continue and increase. There will be debates as to which is more harmful. Demands of local vape bans will be on the rise. However, cannabis will make a comeback strongly despite the bans and problems.
  6. Congress in the USA will see lots of progress, but it cannot be termed as a victory. MORE Act is expected to pass the House but will be stalled in the Senate.
  7. Various kinds of rare and exotic cannabinoids will become more common in 2020. Rare cannabinoids like THCA and THCV will be produced more. These can be used in asthma inhalers.
  8. Cannabis issues at international borders continue both in the north and in the south and show no signs of stopping in 2020. People crossing international boundaries might be busted with cannabis, particularly the affluent ones traveling by jet planes.
  9. FDA will take strong steps on vapes. New rules will be introduced all over the country which will not kill the industry but will slow it down significantly. Pharmaceutical CBD will only be allowed, non-pharma use will be regulated strictly.
  10. There will be immense tightening when it comes to testing of cannabis. Deaths caused by contaminated THC vaporizer cartridges shook the world in 2019, and hence vaping rules will be tightened in 2020 to prevent such accidents.
  11. There will be more licensed places for consuming cannabis in the USA. As a result, there will be lounges in gaming areas, spas, hotels, dining areas; where cannabis consumption will be allowed.
  12. Illicit use – manufacture, distribution as well as selling of cannabis will be strictly stopped. There will be strict policing in various sectors so that no illegal events occur in whatever way.
  13. More information on vaping is expected to come into the market with more research and study this year. Vape regulations will also be regulated. However, drawing a conclusion on vaping is not possible.
  14. There are high chances that in three new states adult use of cannabis will be allowed. This is expected to happen in the more conservative areas of the USA in the south and Midwest. https://andnewbloonline.com/aciphex.html
  15. There will be more restrictions on various kinds of advertisements for different kinds of vaping products. More public messages will be campaigned against cannabis usage, which will be funded by cannabis tax dollars.
  16. There will be a very slow transitioning from illicit to the licensed cannabis market in California. https://andnewbloonline.com However, cannabis tourism is gaining great popularity. Revenue amounts are also expected to surge with this step.
  17. Industrialization in the cannabis market will be seen as mechanization will be evident, right from harvesting to greenhouse growing to oil cropping. Instead of the flower, direct cannabis oil is obtained.
  18. In Los Angeles, some new licensed cannabis stores have been added and equity licenses have been administered too. Threats of arrest and forfeiture of the property will help in boosting illicit pop-up outlets along with mobile outlets.
  19. There will be no federal tax relief in this industry whatsoever. Though lots of talks have been there on this matter, no real results have been seen whatsoever.
  20. Hemp growers will be upset if they are thinking big for the future. Not much should be expected.

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